Heating Controls & Thermostats

There are a range of different controls and thermostats available to help you manage your heating and hot water demands. You can choose from simple analogue heating timers to smartphone App based thermostat controls that allow you to manage your heating wherever you are. You can even connect to Apple’s Home and ask Siri or Amazon Echo and ask Alexa to turn up the heating temperature for you!

There Are many options

Nest Learning Thermostat

How a Nest thermostat helps save energy

A Nest thermostat learns the temperatures that you like when you’re at home and then
programs itself. It automatically turns down the heating when you’re away to help save
energy. Here’s the proof.

Many thermostats are programmable. You enter every temperature change that you want
throughout the day or choose a start and stop time to heat your home. It’s annoying and
complicated, so many people don’t even bother.

Learns from you and programs itself

You don’t have to program a Nest thermostat. Just change the temperature whenever you
like during the first few days after it’s been installed. It will get to know the temperatures
that you like and when you want them. Then it programs itself and creates a weekly
temperature schedule.

Hive Active Heating

Hive Thermostat works seamlessly with your existing heating system. Control it with your voice or from your phone. So wherever you are, it’s easy to make sure your home’s warm when it needs to be, without wasting energy.

Set schedules, get alerts if you leave the heating on and save up to £120 a year by never heating an empty home.

Vaillant sensoCOMFORT heating control

The new, intuitive and easy to use control enables you to manage your central heating and hot water requirements

  • Control multiple heating products from boilers to heat pumps and solar
  • Touch interface provides simple navigation and task setting
  • Operates Vaillant heating appliances at their most efficient using modulating technology