MegaFlo System

What is an Unvented Megaflo boiler system? 

megaflow unvented boiler

A Megaflo system, which is commonly misspelled or heard as a ‘Megaflow system’ is a hot water cylinder made of stainless steel.

The Megaflo hot water cylinder, also known as the Megaflo water heater, is unvented and stores hot water as part of the central heating system that your home has.

Something that you do need to be aware of and keep in mind though is that the Megaflo unvented is not a boiler, but rather a hot water cylinder.

There is a popular unvented Baxi Megaflo system boiler range, but that is completely unrelated to the topic that we are going to be discussing in this article.

Now, the Megaflo unvented hot water cylinders can be either indirect or direct. The difference between the two is how the water is heated.

  • If it is indirect, the water is heated by a separate regular boiler or system boiler.
  • If it is directly heated, then it is going to be heated by a built-in element that is already in the cylinder.

In certain homes, you might have a switch that sits by your cylinder that you can press if your boiler occurs a problem. Meaning if your boiler has a problem you can still have hot water from your Megaflo cylinder.

What this switch does is turn on the immersion coil which is in the cylinder. This will then heat the water inside the Megaflo cylinder without having the boiler supply the hot water.

An important thing that you need to remember is that it is not recommended to have your boiler and immersion switch on at the same time.

This could be dangerous and cause your system problems.