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How to balance radiators

Are some of the radiators in your home taking much longer to heat up than others? It’s possible that your radiators need balancing. This guide will walk you through balancing a radiator, helping restore balance in your home’s heating system.

When to balance radiators

Unbalanced radiators don’t heat up at the same speed as each other, making some areas of your house colder than others. It means the hot water flowing from your boiler is not being distributed evenly and it can become an issue during these freezing winter nights when you need heat, like, NOW.

Balance or bleed?

If you find that some of your radiators are showing cold spots in certain patches across their surface, you’ll need to bleed them first. Here’s our full guide on how to bleed a radiator.

When you balance radiators, you’re allowing more water to flow to the colder radiators in your home, restricting the flow from radiators which are too hot. If some rooms are colder than others, it may mean that some radiators are heating up faster than others.

So if your radiators aren’t working properly and you’re not sure whether to bleed or balance them, do both. Let’s sort out the problem for you.

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